Monday, June 11, 2012

Spring Concert

Well , it's that time of year again: yesterday was our annual Spring Concert, and it was a huge success!

 This year's theme was "under the Sea" and we began practicing our singing for it back in March.  Keeping with our theme this we we sang: "When I was One," "Listen to the Water", "Yellow Submarine," "Octopus Garden", and we even included a play about the ever-so-popular story "Rainbow Fish."  Seven of my oldest students performed lines they memorized for the play and I must say they did an amazing job.

The first song performed was "When I Was One" and we had 6 different children act out the actions of the song by holding up their props.  Next we performed, " I Love to Row" where two little ones sat in our toy boat from the playground pretending to row around the stage.  The third song was "Listen to the Water" where we again had different children holding up props that were related to the song.  Following that we sang, "Yellow Submarine" with a giant painted submarine and had two children sit behind it with their heads poling through the submarine windows.  The older children then sang a section of  "Under the Sea".  The reason for singing only part of the song is because it would have been too long otherwise.  Then we had four of our four-year-olds gave their own little performance by reciting a poem that had to do with the sea, and in the finale for my class (we have a toddler and elementary class that were also a part of the concert) we did our very special play of the story "Rainbow Fish" where we sang "Octopus' Garden" in the middle of our performance.

Many long hours of preparation were put into our concert this year and I must admit I am extremely proud of all my wonderful students who pulled it all off with great success: :)

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