Monday, June 10, 2013

My Big Boy's year in review of first year at school

As some of you are aware, I just gave birth to our second son in April (hence the absence from the blogging).  I want to dedicate this post to my eldest son's first year at school in the Toddler Room.  Going into school (age 2), Noah already knew (to me and my family) a lot of educational things.  He knew all his colours, how to count to ten and even how to spell his own name.  I would like to take credit for his learning, being a Montessori teacher and all, however, credit goes to spending the year before with his grandmother (my mom) and her best friend, who Noah calls, Nonna.
At school, I have noticed a big difference in Noah and how much more he knows and the kid amazes us all on a daily basis, good job Miss Mallory :)
Noah has learned to hold his pencil properly, gained tremendous independence, sings morning, noon and night, and he knows almost every animal there is to know.  We are all very proud of our little guy and can't wait to see him grow and develop next year in the Casa room. 
On an emotional level, school was very hard for Noah to adjust to.  I feel it is much more difficult (after seeing Noah go through it) for the child when your parent works there.  He knew I was there and did not understand why he couldn't see or be with his mommy.  Just as he got used to the idea of leaving mommy from her classroom and going to his own there was a holiday in which we had to break from school for two weeks.  This started the whole transition period for him all over again.  Then March break occurred, another two week setback, poor little guy.  Then of course mommy had his baby brother and would be dropping him off at his own room instead of staying with mommy in before care for an hour by ourselves.  But like the trooper he is, he has pulled through everything I have thrown at him :)
So to my big boy Noah (I'm not allowed to call him my baby because "I'm not a baby") I am so proud of you every day and can't believe how much you have learned and grown this year at school.  I love you "baby".