Sunday, January 30, 2011

Montessori Conference

Three years ago at my current school my boss and I decided on a whim to attend the American Montessori Society conference. At the time we had no idea where it was held. The only thing we knew was that it was in the USA. So after looking online we were super excited to find out that year it was being held in Orange County, California. It was 4 fun filled days of Montessori fun. I have never been so excited to walk around the exhibits and go to the seminars all day long. We each went to different seminars and over dinner shared what we learned that day. We had a blast. To all you Montessori teachers, owners, administrators, I highly recommend the AMS conference no matter where it is held.
Last year I was unable to attend due to a medical emergency and boy was I depressed about it. The year before I had met a Montessori music teacher (in all the schools I have worked in I was the music teacher as music was my minor in university and my passion). The music teacher I met was amazing. He has a lot of children CD's out and between the two of us we bought most of them. My boss talked to him last year and told him how much I loved his work and how I could not be there and he taped a message via my boss' blackberry video camera and said hi and he hoped I got well soon. That made my whole year!!! Any of you teachers looking for great children CD's to teach songs to your class, I highly recommend Frank Leto. I played him everyday for my students and they love the songs and music!!
Attached to my post are some photos of sample pieces of materials for the classroom that we learned at our conference.

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