Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Montessori Friends

I never would have thought I would meet one of my closest friends while attending my Montessori program. Melissa and I became friends almost instantly. The two of us were inseparable and became known as double trouble, ha ha. We always had to take "self portraits" of us for our curriculum albums, (example, the picture of us below in our classroom). We weren't the only one's in the class that paired up and stayed friends long after our schooling. When I look back on the entire experience right now, I picture all the girls in the class and who was friends with who and I am pretty sure they are all still friends with one another.
Melissa and I decided as a gift for graduating we would send ourselves to England together. What a fun adventure we had. We saw Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Roman Baths, Oxford, and we even went to Manchester to see if we could tour the studio where they tape the popular soap opera, Coronation Street. We asked the bus terminal man and they no longer have tours. Oh well, maybe some other time. Regardless, we had fun walking around Manchester. We always said for our 10th anniversary of our friendship we would head back to England and leave the family behind. Melissa, that is coming up in 2012, yikes, ha ha ha.
Melissa, our trip to England and our friendship is my very first Montessori experience.

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  1. It's so true...who would have thought we'd make long term friendships as well as get an education! We made class fun and I loved hanging out...still do!!!! As for England part 2...can't wait!!!